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Can you keep a secret? Can you keep a secret?


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It’s 100% free and open to all ages*

To attend Secret Cinema we need your name, email and mobile number. On the day of your chosen city’s screening we’ll send you a txt message with further details.

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Back to the Eighties

2012 Summer Series

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Skinny & Secret Cinema present "Back to the Eighties"

Back To 80s Poster

…a cinematic tribute to all that we love about the 80s; The Bratpack, fluro clothes, Breakdancing, Cruise, Synth Pop and John Hughes films.

Secret Screenings will be happening from Invercargill to Whangarei and nearly every city in between.

Register now to be notified via text with the details of a 100% free screening. This text will arrive on the day of the screening, so check the dates and make sure you keep the night free.

Tour Dates
21 Feb Invercargill 1 Mar Palmerston North
22 Feb Queenstown 2 Mar Napier
23 Feb Dunedin 3 Mar Taupo
24 Feb Timaru 4 Mar Rotorua
25 Feb Christchurch 6 Mar Tauranga
26 Feb Christchurch 7 Mar Hamilton
28 Feb Nelson 8 Mar Whangarei
29 Feb Wellington 9 Mar Auckland
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Do I need to register?

Absolutely yes, registering is the only way to learn about the Secret Cinema. Tell us — to tell you…

Why do you need my number?

Well do you want to come to secret movie screenings? Well do you want a prize? You know you do…

Before each film we’ll call someone’s mobile who registered. If you’re in the crowd and your phone rings answer it! Come up the front and we’ll give you something from Skinny. Did someone say a new phone! We’ll have some other spot prizes also…

Do I need tickets?

Tickets for the ‘Back to the Eighties’ series aren’t required, you get the text and turn up. For some events there may be tickets sold in advance and it’ll be a door list situation.

When is the next screening in my city?

When you register, select your city from the list, this way you’ll get relevant info for your area only. Remember you get a text on the day of the screening, so make sure you keep that day free. Check the timetable.

Can I bring chairs? What are the seating arrangements?

Usually the events are outside in secret locations. Think of an evening picnic, and bring what you feel is comfortable to sit on.

Adverse Weather Conditions

When all hell breaks loose, you will be sent a message explaining what changes are in place.

Are these R-rated movies?

Most films will be M or less, we will let you know classification in the text.

Can I bring a dog?

No, they really aren’t movie fans and get bored quickly.

Can I BYO?

Many of the locations might be alcohol-free public areas. When we do screen in a licensed area, we’ll tell you.

Can I smoke?

Although it’s outdoors, we’d prefer you to step away from the crowd like you do at work. Some locations, like the top of Rangitoto Island, will be non-smoking.

How do I get there?

Instructions will be sent on the day. A map location for smartphones will be sent to your email. We suggest you drive, walk, charter a private jet or use a hovercraft to get to the screening. (rollerblades are not permitted)

What food and drinks are available?

We’ll make sure you'll be able to purchase something to chill you, heat you and make you put on some kg’s.

What if I want to go with a big group?

Great, that means you’ve got lots of friends, make sure everyone’s registered first. If you bring a friend who has not registered we may sit them in the corner facing away from the screen and ask them to write out lines.

What time do the gates open?

It’s a secret — until we tell you. We usually can’t screen until it is dark, unless we are underground.

What time does the film start?

Between 8pm and 9pm depending on the time of year. We could start when its still light but that may make the viewing experience somewhat crap.

Where can I park?

When you get to the location, the parking areas will be signposted.

What happens to lost property?

It goes on Trade Me if you don’t claim it the next day (unless we happy to like what you’ve lost in which case we’ll keep it).

What movies are you playing?

Shhh… it’s a secret.


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We are an underground organisation devoted to the enjoyment of watching movies.

We are not affiliated with any exhibitor, studio or corporate entity.

We are just a bunch of dudes who love movies.

We at Secret Cinema enjoy watching movies in interesting locations.

Outdoor, indoor, underground — anywhere except in cinemas.

*The Back to the Eighties Summer series is 100% free courtesy of Skinny. Other Secret Cinema one-off special screenings may have admission charges.

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